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We can create your personal online shop, optimize it, manage it and advertise it in the most appropriate way, according to your style, budget and demands.

Web Design & Development

Through your unique website your business will have a well-defined and recognizable image on the massive online market.

Optimization Services

Our team offers complete services regarding SEO, smartphone and tablet optimization and online publicity campaigns.

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SiteKode Web Design

Web design is an important requirement nowadays. If you knew web design in the 90s meant you were one of the best. The creative process was simplistic and it did not take much time to build a good quality website. The definition of quality at that time was somewhat questionable, but it did require a great commitment. In present days, on the other hand, there are many more things to consider when developing a specialized website. For example, will it be responsive?  Will it have CMS? These are only two of many aspects which need to be taken into consideration, but first you come across an evident question: How do you start?

You can start by asking for our help. SiteKode can lend you a hand with the website design and development, with online publicity, very good hosting solutions and we dare say one of the most competitive pricing ranges on the market, in accordance with the quality and originality of our web services and solutions

Sincerely, your Team @ SiteKode

Our Special Offers


  • WebSite

    Starter Pack

  • 99 € 
  • Custom Design
  • Website Consultation
  • Basic SEO
  • E-commerce Website

    Starter Pack

  • 149 €
  • Content Management System
  • Sales Reports
  • Easy to use
  • SEO

    Starter Pack

  • 179 €
  • 3 Keywords
  • Social Media
  • On and Off-site Optimisation

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